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“A real scientific breakthrough. It's the first product to unlock a precise dose of purified Urolithin A and delivers 6X more than pomegranate juice.”

Dr. Mark Hyman

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Revitalize the Energy Generators Inside Your Cells and Boost Your Muscles

Our team of scientists envisioned and developed a nutrient that can revitalize mitochondria—the power source in each of our living cells, which can become damaged as we age.

Revitalizes Mitochondria

Activates cells into revitalizing our cellular powerhouses

Support celullar health

Induces a potent cellular recycling and cleansing mechanism

Boosts muscle function

Shown to significantly improve leg muscle strength after 4 months*

Delivers 6X More**

500mg Mitopure delivers 6X more Urolithin A than 8oz of pomegranate juice

First Product to contain Mitopure

After over a decade of research, the inventors of Mitopure are bringing this proprietary active ingredient to you in their next generation nutrition brand, Timeline.

Our plans

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360 packets of Berry & Pomegranate-flavored Timeline with 500mg of Mitopure™

Mitochondria — at the Heart of Muscle and Aging

Mitochondria are our principal cellular powerhouses and produce ~90% of our ATP; the principal molecule for storing and transferring energy in cells.
ATP Requirement in Human Tissues [uMOL/ML/MIN]
The origin story

The Mighty Pomegranate and Urolithin A in Your Diet

According to recent studies, only 30%-40% of people have the right gut bacteria to produce Urolithin A. Even in that small group that can produce it, it takes a complex set of circumstances, starting by eating the right foods, like pomegranates, select berries, and nuts. And then it would be guesswork as to how much Urolithin A you are creating.
hear from our distinguished scientists

"The latest clinical study really crystallizes how Mitopure can be a real game-changer for human health."

Dr. Johan Auwerx, M.D., Ph.D*

*Member of the Amazentis SA Scientific Advisory Board

Timeline is a novel Swiss nutrition brand committed to delivering clinically proven products that reduce the impact of time on health.