A new class of nutrition

Our goal is not to stop aging—we’re continuously looking for ways to optimize cellular health regardless of age. Following a decade of uncompromising research, clinical trials, and scientific achievements with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, we’ve launched a proprietary bioactive called Mitopure. It is the first and only clinically tested pure form of Urolithin A. This potent cellular nutrient can help address age-associated cellular decline by revitalizing mitochondria - the energy factories in our cells.   



Cells change as we age

The trillions of cells that comprise our body tissues run on the energy created by our mitochondria—about 90% of our energy comes from these power houses. As we age, the mitochondria break down and lose their efficiency, which can have an effect on our performance. Age-associated cellular decline not only includes a progressive decline in muscle function, but also in our metabolism, our overall energy levels, and resiliency. 



Mitophagy is the key

Over time, the mitochondria in our cells become less efficient in generating energy, resulting in a decline in our cellular health. Our cells can protect themselves from this through a process known as mitophagy— a potent recycling and cleansing mechanism. This process cleans up defective mitochondria and allows the mitochondria to repair itself and improve its performance. We can’t just depend on our bodies’ natural ability to activate mitophagy; it slows down as we age.

Mitopure has been tested in human clinical trials and has been shown to revitalize mitochrondria and boost muscle function.*



Mitopure in your diet

When we eat food—like pomegranates—that are rich in compounds called ellagitannins, these compounds can be transformed into Urolithin A. Urolithin A stimulates mitophagy. But only 30%-40% of people have the right gut bacteria to produce it. Even in that small group that can produce it, it takes a complex set of circumstances, starting by eating the right foods, like pomegranates, select berries, and nuts. And then it would be guesswork as to how much Urolithin A you are creating.


Learn how direct supplementation with Urolithin A can overcome limitations of dietary exposure and gut microbiome variability



Mitopure delivers 6x more**

Mitopure™ is our proprietary oral formulation of Urolithin A and it simplifies this complexity by delivering the active nutritient directly and activating mitophagy, regardless of our diet or microbiome. A precise dose of 500mg of Mitopure™ has been clinically shown to deliver 6 times more Urolithin A than pomegranate juice**.



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Science and Medicine

The findings behind Timeline started with a team of PhDs and MDs, rigorously searching for a new way to deliver nutrition at the cellular level. As a result of their diligence, Mitopure (proprietary Urolithin A) has been favorably reviewed by the FDA as generally recognized as safe (GRAS) and the biology and clinical science of Mitopure has been published in leading peer reviewed scientific journals such as Nature Medicine and Nature Metabolism. 

Timeline is a brand of Amazentis: an innovative life science company based in Switzerland. Amazentis’ advisory board includes world class scientists and medical professionals.


Patrick Aebischer, MD
Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board

President Emeritus of the Swiss Federal Technology Institute
EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
Neurodegenerative diseases
Johan Auwerx, MD, PhD
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board
Professor at the EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
Energy metabolism and mitochondrial function
Carmen Sandi, PhD
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board
Director, Brain and Mind Institute
Professor at the EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland
Neurobehavioral science and stress related brain disorders
Navindra Seeram, PhD
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board
Professor and Chairperson Department of
Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Rhode Island, USA
Natural products discovery
Michel Aguet, MD
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board
Professor Emeritus, EPFL, Lausanne Switzerland
Former Director of the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research (ISREC)
Cancer biology, molecular biology, stem cells and drug target validation
Roger Fielding, PhD
Clinical Advisor
Director and Senior Scientist of Nutrition
Exercise Physiology and Sarcopenia Laboratory, Tufts University
Exercise physiology, nutrition, sarcopenia
Stuart Phillips, PhD
Clinical Advisor
Director, Physical Activity Centre of Excellence (PACE)
Director, Centre for Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Research, McMaster University
Skeletal muscle health and exercise physiology
Jeremy D. Walston, MD
Clinical Advisor
Professor of Geriatric Medicine and Gerontology
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Geriatric medicine, chronic inflammation and mitochondrial biology, frailty research