Energized cells for optimal health

Cells are the building blocks of life. Our scientific discovery is a true game-changer, enabling everyone to care for their cells and be their healthiest selves.

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~90% of our cellular energy is produced by mitochondria

Mitochondria are our cellular powerhouses. The trillions of cells that comprise our body tissues run on the energy created by them.

Mitochondria ATP Energy Production

The proven benefits of energized cells

Unlike many supplements, our products are backed by rigorous placebo controlled clinical studies in humans. Our scientists have shown the incredible benefits of Mitopure® for cellular energy, muscle strength and endurance, and we have more clinical trials in the pipeline.



Induces a signature of improved mitochondria*



Muscle strength increases by up to 12% after 16 weeks*



Muscle endurance increases by up to 17% after 8 weeks*

Optimal levels

Optimal levels

Mitopure unlocks 6x more Urolithin A than diet alone*

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What is Urolithin A?

Urolithin A is the only known substance clinically-proven to trigger a crucial recycling process within our cells called mitophagy. Urolithin A can’t be found in any food source. It can only be produced as a by-product when gut bacteria digest specific ingredients such as pomegranates.

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Why food may not be the best option

Foods (e.g Pomegranates)


Not everyone can naturally produce Urolithin A. Our clinical study revealed that 60% of us don’t have the right gut bacteria to convert food into Urolithin A.

Low levels

Even for those who can naturally produce Urolithin A, diet alone may not deliver sufficient levels to reap the full health benefits.

High Sugar

Producing Urolithin A from diet alone means consuming large amounts of foods rich in ellagitannins such as pomegranate juice, which is very high in sugar content.



Backed by 10+ years of research, Mitopure® bypasses the complexities of the microbiome and enables everyone to reap the benefits of Urolithin A.

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High levels

Mitopure® delivers much stronger levels than diet alone. A 500mg dose is clinically proven to unlock 6x more Urolithin A than a glass of 100% pomegranate juice.

No Sugar

Mitopure® comes in formats that can easily fit into daily routines, with each serving containing the exact recommended dose of Urolithin A. Softgels contain zero sugar.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. References: *Nutrition studies: 500mg Mitopure® have been shown to (1) induce gene expression related to mitochondria function and metabolism and (2) increase the strength of the hamstring leg muscle in measures of knee extension and flexion in overweight 40-65 year olds. Data from two randomized double-blind placebo-controlled human clinical trials. **Nutrition NOURISH Study: 500mg Mitopure® have been shown to deliver at least 6 times higher Urolithin A plasma levels over 24 hours (area under the curve) than 8 ounces (240ml) of pomegranate juice in a randomized human clinical trial.

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