Mitopure Starter Pack

This 90-day variety pack enables you to mix and match to get the most benefits out of Mitopure. Includes the full range of Timeline products with 30-day supplies of Softgels, Mitopure Powder and Mitopure + Protein.

The starter pack comes with the following, to keep your mitochondria revitalized for 3 months:
+ 1 month supply of Mitopure Softgels
+ 1 month supply of Mitopure Powder with Berry and Pomegranate flavor
+ 1 month supply of Mitopure + Protein with vanilla flavor
Mix and match with the full range of Timeline products.

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The Power of Mitopure

Mitopure™, the active nutrient in Timeline products, has been shown to trigger your body’s natural cellular cleansing and renewal process; driving improved mitochondrial health and muscle function. Mitopure™ has been reviewed favorably by the FDA as a safe (GRAS) ingredient for daily use. 
Activates cells into revitalizing our mitochondria
Provides active nutrient that works at a cellular level
Supports muscular function through revitalizing mitochondria
500mg Mitopure delivers 6X more Urolithin A than diet alone

Targeted Cellular Nutrition

Mitopure, the breakthrough nutrient at the heart of every Timeline product, is the product of years of rigorous research and development by the innovative Swiss life science company Amazentis. Comprised of world class scientists, medical and product development professionals, the Amazentis team is pioneering a new class of clinically validated nutritients to boost mitochondrial health and muscle function. 
Mitopure has been tested in human clinical trials and has been shown to revitalize mitochrondria and boost muscle function.*

Revitalize Everyday

Designed to seamlessly fit into your busy routine, Mitopure products make the daily practice of cellular renewal simple.
Create a daily ritual
We recommend taking 500mg of Mitopure a day for optimal results.
Supercharge your breakfast
While you can take Mitopure any time of day, we recommend taking it with breakfast, as that is the protocol we used in our clinical trials.
unlocking the power of nature

Discovered in pomegranates, perfected in Timeline

The active ingredient in Timeline is produced by only 30-40% of people when they eat pomegranates and select berries and nuts. With Mitopure, you can benefit from the support that cellular nutrition provides, and Timeline provides the precise dose needed, every day.
We love your questions
What are Time-line and Mitopure™? 

Mitopure™ is the active proprietary ingredient inside Timeline Cellular Nutrition branded products. Mitopure™ is a novel cellular nutrient that is clinically proven to revitalize mitochondria and power muscle cells*. For more information, consult our science page here

Why is it important? 

Muscle function starts to decline in our 30s as our mitochondria - our cellular powerhouses - start to break down and lose their efficiency. Mitopure™ is important because it induces a biological process known as mitophagy - a potent cellular recycling and cleansing mechanism. This process cleans up defective mitochondria and allows the mitochondria to repair itself and improve its performance.  

Who should take it?

Time-line is intended for healthy adults, ages 18 and up. 

What is the recommended dosage? 

For optimal benefits, based on clinical trials, we recommend 500mg of Mitopure™ per day for a minimum of 4 months to support mitochondrial health and muscle function.

What is our story?

Time-line and Mitopure are the product of years of rigorous research and development by the innovative Swiss life science company Amazentis which is comprised of world class scientists, medical and product development professionals.