Timeline Nutrition

Renew The Energy
Factories Inside Your Cells.

Timeline contains a novel nutrient that is clinically proven to revitalize mitochondria and power muscle cells.*
gras review by fda Deemed safe
clinically tested* Scientifically proven
swiss science Partnered with EPFL
Revitalizer Muscular and cellular health



Revitalize the power generators inside your muscle cells.

Our team of scientists envisioned and developed a nutrient that can revitalize mitochondria—the power source in each of our living cells, which can become damaged as we age. Timeline with Mitopure™ supports the body’s natural recycling process that allows mitochondria to repair itself and improve its performance.



Finding new answers in our cells.

Our bodies are an orchestration of trillions of cells working together. As we age, some of these cells slowly lose function, resulting in the decline of our performance. If we can manage our health at a cellular level, we can do more toward maintaining good health overall. With that understanding, Timeline’s creators have invested over a decade developing a new class of nutrient that boosts our cells' ability to revitalize their function.

The latest clinical study, which builds on previous preclinical trials, really crystallizes how Mitopure can be a real game-changer for human health.

Dr. Johan Auwerx, M.D., Ph.D*
*Dr. Auwerx is a member of the Amazentis SA Scientific Advisory Board (Timeline is a brand of Amazentis)



We believe that aging and good health are not enemies.

Timeline used rigorous science and research techniques to deliver a new way to nourish our cells. After more than a decade of achievements in partnership with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, we’ve developed an effective, clinically-proven cellular nutrient.



Mitopure Powder

A precise dose of Timeline with Mitopure™ that will revitalize cellular health.